• Edward Harley marries Henrietta Cavendish Holles


    Edward Harley marries Henrietta Cavendish Holles, daughter of the late Duke of Newcastle and heiress to an estate that includes the quiet backwater of Marylebone.

  • Street Grid


    After being commissioned by Edward and Henrietta Harley, the architect John Prince draws up his plan for developing the estate into an attractive grid of streets.


  • Harley Street sign


    Edward dies before the street that would bear his name has been completed.

  • Mid 19th

    Medical men began arriving in the Mid-19th century, by the 1860s. There were a dozen or so doctors– By 1873 there were 36.

  • Florence Nightingale


    Florence Nightingale takes up the post of superintendent of the establishment of Gentlewomen at 1 Harley Street

  • 1872

    The medical society of London moves to Chandos Street



  • Doctor Sir Joseph Lister


    Pioneering doctor Sir Joseph Lister moves to Park Crescent

  • Harley Street


    The old Portland Estate becomes the Howard de Walden Estate, under whose stewardship the Harley Street Medical Area still remains


  • King Edward VII's penny


    Harley Street doctor Sir Frederick Treves removes King Edward VII’s appendix

  • Harley Street Corner


    The Royal Society of Medicine moves to new headquarters on Wimpole Street



  • Medical snake


    Around 1,500 doctors are known to be working in the Harley Street area

  • Harley Street


    Harley Street Medical Area, with over 5,000 practitioners, boasts the largest concentration of medical excellence in one location anywhere in the world




Patient's Bell

1853 - Florence Nightingale took up the post as superintendent of the establishment of Gentlewomen on Harley Street

Harley Street

Wimpole House

The world-renowned Harley Street