HCA Healthcare UK is part of the Hospital Corporation of America. The world’s leading independent hospital company more than 250 hospitals and free standing surgery centres in the US and UK.


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HCA Healthcare UK is the country's largest provider of privately funded healthcare.

HCA Healthcare UK is part of the Hospital Corporation of America. The world’s leading independent hospital company more than 250 hospitals and free standing surgery centres in the US and UK.

HCA Healthcare UK is different to its competitors. We provide compassionate care to patients no matter what they need - from clinical research, primary care, outpatient and day-case treatment, through to complex and urgent care. We are the only private hospital group to have the highest level of critical care beds in all of our facilities. We're unfazed by new challenges, innovation and advancing clinical care.

Both here and in the US, networks staffed by experts in their fields, deliver high quality care for patients. We have an unrelenting focus on driving improvement in clinical outcomes. Our scale brings data which allows us to generate insights into delivering care. Every year, HCA has 26 million patient encounters - we learn from each and every one. Importantly, our scale enables us to invest in networks of facilities with a specialist focus:

The Harley Street Clinic

Complex care hospital for adults, children and babies
Cancer-Cardiac-Neuroscience –Paediatric

The Lister Hospital
Highest rated hospital for patient care and hotel services delivering excellence in
Orthopaedics-Women’s health-IVF-General surgery-Gasteroentrology-Urology-Cardiology-Dermatology-Physiotherapy.

London Bridge Hospital
One of London’s largest Private Hospitals known internationally for its
Cardiac Services-Cancer Treatments-Renal Medicine-Neurology-Orthopaedics-Other areas of Acute Medicine.

The Portland Hospital for women & Children
Renowned Internationally for its high standards of care across
Maternity-Children’s health-gynaecology.

The Princess Grace Hospital
Intensive care and high dependency facilities, known leading –edge medicine in
Breast care-Brain & Spinal Medicine-Gastroenterology-Prostate Treatment-Orthopaedics-Musculoskeletal Medicine-Plastic Surgery.

The Wellington Hospital
UK’s largest private hospital and internationally renowned for
Cardiac services-Neurology-Liver Unit-Orthopaedics-Urology-Gynaecology-acute medicine-multidisciplinary rehabilitation unit. 

We may be the largest provider of privately funded healthcare in the UK - but the larger we get, the better we get at giving patients the high quality care they value. Our high clinical standards are a given, but it is the care we give that means 99% of patients recommend HCA.