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Banning Dental Group are a multi-disciplinary group of dental clinics, currently centred around London and the South East. Every dental experience offers state-of-the-art technology, clinical expertise and a warm, welcoming environment that is affordable and accessible to all.

From everyday check-ups to complete smile makeovers, Banning Dental Group are committed to making every visit positive, fun and enjoyable, giving you teeth that you can't wait to show off.

You can forget everything you have ever seen, heard or felt about dentists when you visit a Banning Dental Clinic. The Harley Street consultation suite is the newest addition to the Banning Dental Group family. Harley Street is world-famous for its specialist dental residents, so it’s only right to add the Banning touch to the neighbourhood. This is an added convenience for patients who live or work in central London and seek a high-quality dentist near the City. 

Book a free no-obligation consultation via their website. They are looking forward to your visit.