Optegra Eye Hospital London

Leading provider of vision correction and cataract surgery

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25 Queen Anne Street

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Optegra Eye Hospital London, part of Optegra Eye Health Care, offers a full range of specialist eye care treatments including vision correction options and private cataract surgery with personally tailored lenses.

Optegra's laser eye surgery treatments include traditional LASIK and LASEK as well as latest versions SMILE keyhole laser eye surgery and Presbyond for those with the age-related need to use reading glasses.

They also offer refractive lens exchange and implantable contact lenses for those wishing to be free of glasses and contact lenses.

All treatments are delivered by some of the most respected consultant ophthalmic surgeons in the world, all of whom are members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, NHS trained and renowned for their expertise. These include Medical Director Mr Amir Hamid, and consultant ophthalmic surgeon Mr Alex Shortt.

Their ultra-modern hospitals combine the most advanced treatments and technology available with five-star facilities, designed to make our patient experience as relaxing and pleasant as possible. 

In addition, they are committed to the development of eye sciences and have championed a number of the latest innovations in vision correction by partnering with UK universities for research and development of new technology.