A culture of caring: nursing at Mayo Clinic Healthcare


How nurses at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London fit into a long history of exceptional patient care

Mayo Clinic’s ties to the UK date back to 1819, when Dr William Worrall Mayo, the clinic’s founder, was born in Salford, near Manchester. Since then, Mayo Clinic has become a global leader in healthcare, ranked number one in more specialties than any other US hospital by US News & World Report. At the core of this recognition is its mission: the needs of the patient come first.

The history of nursing at Mayo Clinic goes back to 1883 when a tornado struck Rochester, Minnesota, where Dr Mayo had set up his medical practice. Dr Mayo called on the Sisters of St Francis, a Catholic teaching order, to assist in providing nursing care to those injured in the tornado. Seeing the need for expansive medical care in Rochester, Sister Alfred Moes of the Sisters of St Francis proposed to build and staff the hospital if Dr Mayo and his sons, Will and Charlie Mayo, would provide the medical care. With a simple handshake, the foundation of Mayo Clinic was laid.

The Mayo brothers worked closely with the Sisters of St Francis to provide medical care. In 1906, when it became apparent that there was a need for more nurses, the Saint Marys School of Nursing was established. In the years since, Mayo Clinic has become renowned for its model of care, with its core tenets of evidence-based practice, accountability, continuity of care and maintaining a professional environment.

Nursing at Mayo Clinic is held to the highest standards, with each nurse contributing to the highest levels of quality patient care. In accordance with the Mayo Clinic Department of Nursing’s professional practice model, every nurse is expected to be a transformational leader, problem solver, vigilant guardian, caring healer, excellent communicator, teacher and navigator.

Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London is the UK’s gateway to this quality of care, and at the heart of that care are the nurses who work on the front lines, caring for patients. The nurses at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London, who care for patients in an outpatient setting, provide services such as pre-visit preparation, procedural support in endoscopy and patient education, and assist wherever they are needed during the patient’s visit.

From the moment nurses join the team at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London, they have direct access to Mayo Clinic in the US through their nursing leaders. The also enjoy the same access as their peers in the US to resources such as clinical practice expertise, ongoing education and professional development opportunities. They participate virtually in continuing education offerings in the US and are an integral part of the Mayo Clinic family.