Consultant-led hospital launches specialist pain clinic


The Harley Street Specialist Hospital is set to open a dedicated pain management clinic, with treatment covering a number of specialist areas

The Harley Street Specialist Hospital (HSSH) is to open a dedicated pain management clinic. The consultant-led clinic will have 14 highly experienced pain consultants available to treat specialist areas, including pain injections and management, spinal surgery, wisdom tooth extraction and oral pain, with the ability to cross-refer within the hospital depending on the needs of the patient.

HSSH pain experts will focus on conservative management and treatment pathways first, and will treat both acute pain (triggered by another condition, or because of trauma or injury) and chronic pain (lasting three months or more).

Marcus Whiteley, chief operating officer of HSSH, said: “Creating proper whole-body solutions for alleviating and managing pain is critical for a person’s emotional wellbeing. Pain is prevalent in our times with one third of all adults in the UK suffering with lower back pain. Around 20% of these people seek advice from their GP. This equates to around 2.6 million patients every year. Our goal is to assist people in taking action to manage a pain-free life with treatment and the correct strategies. The breadth of experience that we have in the team is, we believe, unparalleled and we hope to help a lot of people.”