Schoen Clinic London pioneers use of Microsoft HoloLens glasses


HSMA orthopaedic clinic is one of the first UK hospitals to explore the surgical potential of smart glasses on a mixed reality platform

Schoen Clinic London has become one of the first UK hospitals to take possession of a set of Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses. The device’s mixed reality capabilities will allow the clinic’s surgeons to connect with remote experts around the world, call up patient data and consult MRI images at the point of care.

The smart glasses can be an invaluable tool in the field of orthopaedics thanks to the OptiVu Mixed Reality Solutions platform for orthopaedic surgery, which has been developed by the medical device company Zimmer Biomet in collaboration with Microsoft.

Mr Sam Rajaratnam wears a set of Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses

Mr Sam Rajaratnam (right) wears a set of Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses

The future is here
Mr Sam Rajaratnam, director of orthopaedic surgery at Schoen Clinic London and a leading consultant knee specialist, says: “Using this platform with the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses will revolutionise how we as orthopaedic surgeons deliver patient treatment. The future is here – mixed reality will connect us to all the information and specialist care we need right at the patient’s bedside. In addition, holographically overlaying patient data at the point of care will reduce procedure times and complication rates. We can also connect the user to anyone in the world and feel like they are present with them in the theatre.”

Schoen Clinic London will now become a visitation centre for the technology, allowing surgeons from around the world to chance to see this latest healthcare innovation in action.