The Howard de Walden Estate partners with the virtual UK Healthcare Pavilion


Julian Best, Executive Property Director, discusses why Howard de Walden is getting behind the UK Healthcare Pavilion and what it means for the world-famous Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA)

As landlords to the Europe’s most renowned medical district, The Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA), The Howard de Walden Estate is looking forward to being one of the first organisations to join the UK’s virtual marketplace for healthcare and life sciences. This new initiative launches at a crucial time as the COVID pandemic continues to inflict border closures worldwide, affecting overseas patients accessing UK healthcare.

Healthcare is growing and developing very quickly, and beyond COVID-19, there are a number of pressing public health challenges globally, including the rise in chronic diseases such as cancer and obesity. These issues are in need of an urgent response, and if there’s anything we’ve learnt during the past year then it would be the importance of collaboration. Without it, we simply wouldn’t have a vaccine or be able to strip away the immense pressures facing our health system. And so, at this critical moment in time, the UK Healthcare Pavilion will provide a unique partnering platform to help combat some of the other challenges that the healthcare industry is facing. It will create a single online destination showcasing the UK’s best in class hospitals and clinics, and means that – for the first time – there will be a global site highlighting why the UK is a world leader when it comes to healthcare innovation and prioritising patient pathway and joined up care. Also, why patients, clinicians and health systems across the world can benefit from UK solutions found within the HSMA.

An ecosystem of medical excellence
It is no secret that the HSMA is home to an unrivalled collective of hospitals and clinics. The area is renowned worldwide for delivering outstanding patient care and cutting-edge treatments and has long embodied medical excellence. It presents a truly unique community and is an optimal destination for clinical expertise – largely due to its number of sought-after specialists.

All of this has contributed to its sustained reputation as a global hub for independent healthcare across many specialisms. It’s the reason why so many overseas patients continue to choose HMSA as their destination for treatment. Combined with its convenient location in the heart of central London’s Marylebone Village, array of shops, restaurants and hotels, it is no surprise that the area has such broad appeal.

Groundwork for the future
Along with having a first class reputation and fascinating history, HMSA is committed to laying the groundwork for the future.

Howard de Walden has always targeted the best-in-class and this ambition is reflective of our vision as custodians of the HSMA: to continue building a diverse and enduring ecosystem of medical excellence. We are committed to curating a vibrant hub with the right mix of specialisms to meet patient needs.

Life Sciences, for instance, is an increasing focus for us. Its technology-centric models, combined with demand for the advances in medicine and healthcare, mean that there is a vast amount of development in this field, and we see the HSMA as playing its part in supporting that growth.

Our vision, however, has always been to ensure that we continue collaborating with the right medical occupiers to nurture a pioneering hub that can become the most innovative, state-of-the-art, global healthcare destination. Today the brilliant concentration of more than 3,500 healthcare professionals in the HSMA has meant that the area is host to an extraordinary whole range of specialists in one location including oncology, cardiovascular, orthopedics, musculoskeletal, GPs, dentists and mental health all supported by an array of state-of-the-art diagnostics.

We look forward to showcasing its strengths on a global scale.

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In the video below Julian Best discusses Howard de Walden's role in ensuring HSMA remains a best in class hub of medical excellence.