The London Clinic announces opening of £4m blood sciences lab


Charitable hospital partners with QuidelOrtho to complete a major refit of its laboratory at 120 Harley Street

The London Clinic has announced the completion of a major refit of its in-house blood sciences pathology laboratory at 120 Harley Street. Costing £4m and taking two years to complete, the redesign has resulted in the lab being fitted out with cutting-edge equipment, including ground-breaking technology for the diagnosis of cancer conditions.

Supplied by QuidelOrtho, the new equipment will provide faster and more accurate collection and analysis of results for a wide range of blood science services, including biochemistry, stem cell therapies, immunology, histology and cytology, haematology, blood transfusion and microbiology.

The London Clinic’s new blood sciences pathology lab

The London Clinic’s new blood sciences pathology lab

Reza Mirza, head of pathology at The London Clinic, said: “Over 80% of patient treatment begins with pathology testing and the outcome will determine a patient’s treatment plan. The investment in our dedicated in-house pathology service means we have total confidence in meeting our clinical colleagues’ and customers’ high expectations. We understand that as a patient waiting for a diagnosis, or a medical professional who needs a speedy result to start their patient’s treatment, time is always of the essence.

“Our new path laboratory technology enables us to analyse an even larger repertoire of tests in-house. Now, oncology patients can receive same-day blood results. We can also remotely authorise the blood results in situ so that oncology patients can start their treatments sooner.”

Paul Hackworth, director at QuidelOrtho, said, “We are very pleased to be partnering with The London Clinic on this exciting laboratory refit. Diagnostic tests are the cornerstone for medical treatment and with the installation of state-of-the-art analysers capable of running high-accuracy tests, The London Clinic can offer patients the best care possible.”