Bounce Alzheimer's Therapy

EVENT - 15TH JUNE 2017

A pop-up exhibition raising funds for Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy is running until 26th June at 9-11 New Cavendish Street in a unit provided by The Howard de Walden Estate.

 BAT is a charity that delivers therapy for Alzheimer’s patients based around table tennis, an activity that has been shown to benefit people with dementia.

BAT is aimed at providing UK care settings, medical sectors, and health organisations with a brand new form of drug free Alzheimer’s therapy.

The BAT Design Team worked closely with neuroscience specialists to create a Table Tennis table specifically devised to enhance the Table Tennis Therapeutic Experience for those living with Alzheimers.

“Table tennis has so many factor involved; hand-eye coordination, it’s fast moving, there’s a visual aspect to it, there’s a social element… and we believe it can help exercise the brain in a way that may really benefit people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.”
Dr Matthew Kempton, MRC CDA Fellow at Department of Neuroimaging, King’s College London

Take a look at the work on display and find out more at