Fortius Group opens specialist Joint Replacement Centre in partnership with Bupa

NEWS - 23RD MARCH 2017

Fortius Group, the UK’s leading private orthopaedic and sports injury group, has announced the opening of a dedicated joint replacement service at Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

Fortius Joint Replacement at Bupa is a partnership between the Fortius Group and Bupa Health Services. The partnership aims to achieve new standards of excellence in hip and knee joint replacement surgery in the UK. The dedicated private facility brings together a group of leading specialists in Joint replacement, who will all adopt a shared evidence based best practice pathway, in order to deliver the most effective and highest quality of care for all their patients.

Chief Executive of Fortius Group, Jim McAvoy said “we are delighted to be partnering with Bupa Healthcare in this new initiative, which represents a major step forward in the provision of outcomes driven private orthopaedics in London. We are proud to have assembled a team from among the UK’s leading experts in this field and we look forward to becoming the pre-eminent private centre for joint replacement in the UK, attracting domestic and international patients.”

Musculoskeletal problems, such as hip and knee osteoarthritis are the main reason for joint replacement surgery and the leading causes of disability in the UK, affecting more than 6.5m people. Since 1960, improvements in joint replacement surgical techniques and technology have greatly increased the effectiveness of total hip and knee replacement, and the number of people opting for Joint replacement surgery for both hip and knee has continued to grow by about 50 percent and about 43 percent respectively over the past 10 years.

Patients will be encouraged to take an active part in their own care before, during, and after the operation and to involve any family and friends in the process. A patient information and education programme will help prepare patients both physically and psychologically for their operation. Research has shown that participation in patient education results in a faster than average recovery in helping them return to normal activities.

The approach will follow the principles of an enhanced recovery pathway (ERP), which aims to accelerate and improve all aspects of a patient’s recovery process following surgery. This pathway combines a proven approach to patient education, pain management, clinical and surgical practice, mobility, and lifestyle all of which helps to achieve optimal outcomes. Patients will benefit from a shorter stay in hospital and a carefully managed return home. Post surgery will be pain free and they can start their rehab immediately - mobile on the day of their operation.

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