Dubai clinicians take part in a teaching exchange with UK bionic eye surgeon


Dubai clinicians take part in a teaching exchange with UK bionic eye surgeon

A long-standing Harley Street Medical Area surgeon, who carried out the first embryonic stem cell and bionic eye surgery in the UK, gave the first of a series of teaching seminars across all medical specialties for Middle Eastern clinicians. This first seminar concentrated on new technologies and advances in retinal therapy and diabetic retinopathy.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the London Claremont Clinic, Professor Lyndon da Cruz delivered the teaching course to help to share his knowledge and expertise. It is the first of a planned series of seminars across each of the medical sub-specialties and it is hoped that this type of seminar will encourage a greater interaction between clinicians from the Harley Street area and the Gulf region.

Professor Da Cruz performed the world's first embryonic stem cell operation in the UK using a ‘patch’ technique in the hope of finding a cure for blindness. The eminent surgeon also carried out the UK’s first bionic eye surgery, which enabled blind people to read letters and simple words.

Cutting edge advances
Both techniques formed part of the teaching programme, which for this seminar was designed for ophthalmologists, optometrists and other healthcare professionals with an interest in learning about cutting edge advances in retinal therapy.

The programme, which took place at the Oasis Theatre at the Middlesex University Campus, Knowledge Village in Dubai, consisted of three sessions with an interactive lecture, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussions.

Also included was an update and overview about diabetic retinopathy to introduce new treatment modalities and revise current practice within the Middle East. This will reinforce the current knowledge of participants in this critical area of retinal disease for the region.

Speaking about the teaching course, Professor Da Cruz, said: “It was an important first step and I was delighted to be part of the ongoing interaction between these two regions. It was also exciting to be able to teach here in the Middle East. Up-to-date information on new advances is not readily available in standard text books and literature, so the course offered an excellent opportunity to learn about stem cell therapy and bionic eye surgery from my first-hand experiences." The London Claremont Clinic is committed to expanding its interaction with the Middle East and is keen to work alongside clinicians to establish a remote and second opinion service for patients across all of its sub-specialities. 


London's medical excellence
The clinic will also be attending Arab Health 2017 (30th January to 2nd February) at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in a further bid to develop Middle Eastern relationships. Uniting with other world class clinics as part of Harley Street Medical Area stand, The London Claremont Clinic will be showcasing London’s medical excellence.

Professor da Cruz added: “We strongly believe that through an ongoing education programme and collaboration with local healthcare facilities, we can significantly contribute to the delivery of healthcare services in the UAE and the wider region and contribute to Dubai's vision of becoming a hub for healthcare in its own right.”

The Harley Street Medical Area is famed for its medical excellence in treating complex and life threatening conditions and has been for over 200 years. It continues to attract world-leading clinics. Behind its Georgian façade lays the latest in cutting edge medical technology.