Echelon Health develops health check for women navigating menopause

NEWS - 24TH MARCH 2023

HSMA-based provider of preventative health assessments creates a comprehensive assessment based on complex blood tests and cutting-edge scans

Echelon Health, the Harley Street-based provider of bespoke preventative health assessments, has created a comprehensive health check designed specifically for women who are navigating perimenopause and menopause.

Compiled by one of the UK’s leading endocrinologists, Dr Paul Jenkins, the assessment focuses on the hormonal changes that increase the risk of common deadly diseases, including lung, breast and ovarian cancers, osteoporosis and coronary heart disease. Despite often being considered a ‘man’s disease’, coronary heart disease was the single biggest killer of women worldwide in 2019, while cases of lung cancer have increased by 84% in women over the last 40 years, compared to a decrease of 32% in men.

A consultation at Echelon Health

A consultation at Echelon Health

The health check, known as the Cullinan Assessment, starts with comprehensive blood tests that show the patient’s blood picture and hormone levels, including oestrogen, testosterone and other hormones related to menopause, as well as specific markers that can help determine the presence of breast and ovarian cancer.

It continues with a digital mammogram, a transvaginal ultrasound of ovaries and uterus, a CT coronary angiogram (the gold standard for detecting early signs of coronary heart disease), CT chest, CT bone densitometry and a full body mole assessment. The assessment takes around four hours and is followed by a consultation during which the results are analysed and a bespoke lifestyle plan is presented that will help clients reach optimum health.

Like all Echelon Health assessments, the Cullinan Assessment is not based on statistical analysis but solely on the results obtained from the combination of advanced blood tests and scans. All guesswork is removed from the process; every woman is considered as an individual and assessed accordingly, using the most accurate technology available.

The Cullinan Assessment package includes a complimentary overnight stay at The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.